Areas of practice

Commercial Law

We provide tailored solutions to manufacturers, retailers, purchasers, suppliers, banks and, generally, to all those engaged in commercial activities. We are conversant in drafting and revising contracts of agency, brokerage, concession, distributorship or franchising.

Shipping & Transport Law

This is our niche practice. As far as we are concerned, it all started with shipping.

We have particular expertise in charter-parties, CoAs and Bills of Lading. Our day to day practice does not exist without the handling freight, demurrage and defence, off-hire disputes, bunkers’ claims and cargo damages, amongst many others.

We credit ourselves of being a leading firm in arresting and/or releasing ships under maritime claims and privileges.

Instructions can be taken from shipowners, charterers, bankers, ship agents, ship-suppliers, freight-forwarders, NVOCC, traders and/or merchants.

We also carry out formalities and incorporation for ship mortgages, sale & purchase, and ship-registration.

As far as road transit is concerned, CMR disputes are a common place to us. Working for some of the major underwriters has given us privileged position in this area.

“AACNI´s boutique practice is particularly known for representing ship and cargo owners in arbitration. Legal 500, 2011.

International Trade

This is one of our core areas of practice. We are very knowledgeable on day to day situations arising in the trade of commodities, from moneys due to sophisticated legal conundrums. We have a deep understanding of trades like grain, steel, cement, chemicals, oil and edible soft commodities like sugar, cocoa or coffee.

Our team members regularly serve, as Counsels or arbitrators, in international trade disputes. We have a hands-on experience in commodity arbitrations before internationally renowned institutions like ICC, Gafta, Fosfa, CAIP, RSA, SAOL, etc.

But we also do non-contentious work, like advising in sale contracts, letters of credit, collateral securities, indemnities, warrants or international sanctions.

“A compact team assisting global commodities traders and insurers with disputes.” Chambers & Partners, 2015.

Dispute Resolution

We excel in this area of law. We have a hands-on experience in contentious work either before the courts or arbitration panels in commercial disputes. We mediate, arbitrate, and litigate disputes in all sorts of commercial matters. No case is too small or too big for us.

We are qualified to act in different jurisdictions, including Spain, France, Brazil, Portugal or England & Wales, to say a few.

Our team members serve as Counsel before adjudication bodies of renowned institutions like the ICC, Gafta, Fosfa, SAOL, RSA, LMAA, CAIP, Cietac or LCIA, in countries like United Kingdom, Spain, France, Brazil or UAE.

We are also conversant in arbitration disputes where we can act either for or against States before panels at  ICSID, SCC, ICC and in “ad hoc” arbitrations.

“Dispute resolution is a cornerstone of this compact firm, which continues to punch above its weight.” Chambers & Partners, 2012.

“The lawyers handle litigation and arbitration for a global client base.” Chambers & Partners, 2012.


We act for subrogated cargo insurers in disputes related to maritime, road and air transport. Instructions are also undertaken in areas like civil liability, tort and personal injury.

Our clients are underwriters, insured interests and/or third parties. Underwriters have an important role in our portfolio and many of them instruct us on a regular basis for contentious and non-contentious work.

Occasionally, we offer blended rates in the insurance industry to stabilize the clients’ outlays and ensure the efficiency of recoveries.

“A compact team assisting global commodities traders and insurers with disputes.” Chambers & Partners, 2015.


Advice is given in the areas of compliance and corporate defence. Our team of experts help companies to prove regulatory and non-regulatory compliance, ensure anti-money laundering, and prevent fraud.

We support our clients in pursuing ethics and implementing compliance programs, and design for them internal controls so that they can operate with integrity and protect themselves against legal risk.

Furthermore, we have designed a full-fledged online scheme aimed to identify, correct and prevent  non-compliance in transport and logistics (“Compliance Lex Logística”)

Energy & Environment

We provide legal assessment of startup and enlargement projects related to the production and/or management of all types of energies. We offer due diligence on environmental liabilities and provide legal advice in a liberalised electricity market on contracts and brokerage.

Our advice is addressed to carriers, brokers or agents. We deal as well with ATR contracts and trading in general.

We also conduct litigation, arbitration and administrative contentious files involving private or public interests related to energy and environmental issues.

“The team is recognised for its powers in trade, shipping and energy issues.” Chambers & Partners, 2012.

Investment Arbitration

We offer extensive expertise in international investment arbitration. Our International Arbitration Team benefits from a geographically diverse group of practitioners and scholars working together to offer the best advise and successful strategies to our clients, in terms of forum, legal instruments and arbitral selection.

We advise in matters concerning large scale projects in regulated sectors such as those linked to natural resources, public utilities, telecommunications, infrastructures, waste management, etc.

Our involvement goes from the negotiation of projects between investors and States (or their instrumentalities) to the contentious stage, either in domestic courts or in international arbitration.

We are familiarised with international instruments like Bilateral and Multilateral Investment Treaties, the Energy Charter Treaty, ICSID, NAFTA and other inter-State agreements, and have wide experience representing private parties before regular international fori.

“Has strong capabilities in arbitration, showcased by its recent key mandates before domestic and international arbitration tribunals.” Chambers & Partners, 2015.


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