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Created in 2001, we are a well-established name in the business. We bring together practitioners with different backgrounds and work as a full-fledged team. We share knowledge, resources, and values.

We do contentious and non-contentious work and have a remarkable interest in the fields of arbitration, compliance, and legal outsourcing.

Trade, shipping, and energy are the industry sectors most of our clients operate in. Our portfolio includes a wide range of clients, from major international corporations to small and medium-size firms. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with all them.


We have a collection of experts with different legal backgrounds and jurisdictions, including not only practitioners but academics too.

The international element our team is impregnated with helps us to understand global problems, as well as to provide bespoke solutions to cross-bordering issues.

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More than anything, people make a difference in our business. As a team, we trust our partners and strive to earn our clients’ confidence. To that end, we listen very carefully to their needs and do our best to deliver a first-class service. We have four hallmarking values in our DNA: innovation, proximity, cohesion, and honesty.

1. Innovation

For us, innovating means doing things others have not ever done before. For that, preparation, creativity, perseverance and passion are crucial. Among our achievements, we are proud to have launched a “compliance” package online and to provide a novel service of legal outsourcing for in-house matters.

2. Proximity

Proximity in our business means listening very carefully to clients in order to understand their needs and cater for them. Each case is different and must be treated as such. We do not cut corners.

3. Cohesion

We work as a team. We make progress together. Working with generosity, empathy and respect keeps us as one solid rock. We do not believe in individuality.

4. Honesty

The sense of honesty is deeply rooted into the firm. We work in full transparency.  We do not take instructions we cannot perform. We do not accept commissions from people we work with. And we always work under fee quotations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We strive to contribute to the social progress and pursue goals of a philanthropic, activist, or charitable nature by engaging in or supporting volunteering or ethically oriented practices. The overarching principles we stick to are as follows: (1) Good governance, (2) Cost-efficiency, (3) Quality, and (4) Sustainability.


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