International Law in War Zones, with Ana Maria Daza-Clark

On 25 March 2023 the Penn State Law Arbitration Law Review and the Journal of Law and International Affairs held this year’s Spring Symposium about the effects that international war has on both arbitration and intellectual property. The arbitration panel was joined by Dr. Ana Maria Daza-Clark, together with Mr. Ylli Dautaj, Ms. Rose Rameau,

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Our practice in London has moved to AACNI England Ltd., a recognised body authorized by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. You may find us, as usual, in Central Court, 25 Southampton Buildings, WC2A 1AL London.

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Parliamentary briefing session on the Electronic Trade Documents Bill

Albert Badia was invited to a Parliamentary briefing session hosted by Lord Holmes at the House of Lords in Westminster, London. On the agenda was the Electronic Trade Documents Bill entering Parliament in the coming weeks. Hosted by the International Chamber of Commerce, the event was limited to 30 participants and counted with a wide

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Resolving Water Conflicts, by Ana-Maria Daza-Clak

Ana Maria Daza-Clark has authored Resolving Water Conflicts: Dispute Settlement Mechanisms Applicable to International Water Resources, a PeaceRep Report published by the School of Law of the University of Edinburgh. The report sets out in very general terms the international legal framework that supports dispute resolution, focusing in particular on a range of dispute mechanisms

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The Legitimacy of Investment Arbitration, by Daniel Behn

Daniel Behn, Ole Christian Fauchald and Malcom Langford have authored “The Legitimacy of Investment Arbitration”, due for publishing by Cambridge University Press in January 2022.International investment arbitration remains one of the most controversial areas of globalisationand international law. This book provides a fresh contribution to the debate by adopting athoroughly empirical approach. Based on new

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We are contributors to Jus Mundi

Ana Maria Daza-Clark, Erman Ozgur and Albert Badia become authors for Jus Mundi’s Wiki Notes. Ana Maria wrote about Regulatory Expropriation, Erman about Due Process in the Fair and Equitable Treatment, and Albert about State-owned Enterprises. Jus Mundi, a Search Engine for International Law and Arbitration, strives to make international law and arbitration more transparent

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“Enforcing transboundary water obligations through investment treaty arbitration: China,Laos and the Mekong River”, by Ana Maria Daza-Clark.

Ana Maria Daza-Clark has published the article “Enforcing transboundary water obligations through investment treaty arbitration: China, Laos and the Mekong River”. The article has been published by the Review of European, Comparative and International Environmental Law in June 2020. It focuses on the intersection between investment law and water law in connection with the construction

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Lecture at Xiamen Law School

Ana María Daza gave a lecture to doctoral students at the Xiamen Law School in China. The lecture focused on international investment law and water related transboundary projects, such as hydroelectric projects, water transfers or mining. Interesting questions were raised in the context of potential investment treaty arbitration disputes that have arisen from this type

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Impartiality in Investment Treaty Arbitration Seminar

Dr Daniel Behn, along with Professor Stavros Brekoulakis and Ms Anna Howard, acted as moderator in the Impartiality in Investment Treaty Arbitration Seminar. The speakers were Professor Luca Radicati di Brozolo (ArbLit) and Ms Sarah Vasani (Addleshaw Goddard). The event was a co-curricular activity organized by the School of International Arbitration of the Queen Mary

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On April 5, 2019, Daniel Behn posted at the blog of the European Journal of International Law an extensive article named “Investment Arbitration and its discontents: An Empirical Assessment”, which is authored by Malcolm Langford, Daniel Behn and Laura Letourneau-Tremblay. According to the authors, the legitimacy crisis in international investment arbitration continues to generate attempts

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Empirical Perspectives on Investment Arbitration: what do we know? Does it matter? ISDS Academic Forum Working Group 7 Paper.

The last decade has witnessed a burgeoning empirical research field on investment treaty arbitration (ITA). Probing its origins, functioning and effects – and even doctrinal questions, scholars have used a range of methods (quantitative, qualitative and computational) to analyze the regime. Such empirical research has been greatly facilitated by the rapid expansion and proliferation in

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