The ISDS Academic Forum, together with PluriCourts Centre for Excellence (LEGINVEST) and Forum for Law & Social Science at the University of Oslo, hosted a workshop on reforming international investment arbitration in Oslo 1-2 February 2019. The workshop provided an opportunity for the Academic Forum’s working groups to present draft papers on six issues that have triggered criticism: (1) legal costs; (2) duration of proceedings; (3) legal consistency; (4) decisional correctness; (5) arbitral diversity; and (6) arbitral independence and impartiality. The event was organized by the following entities: ISDS Academic Forum, PluriCourts, LEGINVEST and Forum for Law and Social Science. Daniel Behn is Counsel at AACNI (UK) Limited, and is Associate Professor at Pluricourts of the University of Oslo and Lecturer at the University of Liverpool. Ana María Daza-Vargas is Counsel at AACNI (UK) Limited and Lecturer in International Law at the University of Edinburgh. Daniel worked in the organization of the presentations and Ana Maria presented her paper “The Defense Burden in International Investment Treaty Arbitration? An Empirical Assessment of Costs and Capacity.”

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