Odacira Nunes

Odacira Nunes


Odacira has a degree in law from the Universidad Regional de Blumenau– FURB (SC, Brazil). She is a qualified lawyer in Brazil, where she currently practices law. She also holds a master degree in business law, civil procedural law, tax law and labour law. She is specialised in business law, procedural law and civil law. In addition, she is a councillor of the Bar Association of Blumenau.

Areas of Interest

Odacira has extensive professional experience in commercial and contractual law. Currently, she serves for the company “Electronic Services” of Santa Catarina, in charge of matters related to civil, employment and administrative law. Odacira is a member and partner of the consortium of lawyers AACNI, de Souza & Nunez. She advises clients of the firm in matters related to commercial law, civil law, contracts and international trade. She also intervenes in international arbitration and mediation procedures.


Portuguese, Spanish and English.


Blumenau, Brazil

Contact details

Email: odaciranunes@aacni.com

Tel: +551130422452

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